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Voodoo Health

Total health and wellness, beginning with the mind


Pilates-yoga fusion

Pilates is designed to tone the entire body,  focusing on your power house. 

Along with classic Pilates movement, I use Power vinyasa yoga asanas. 

This lates-yoga fusion helps to develop a strong core, which is essential in improving coordination, balance, and posture.

Increasing flexibility is what keeps injuries at bay.

Kenny was having pain in his lumbar region from heaavy lifting at work. Here we placed cups along his spine to ease tension in his lower and upper back

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Cups places on upper back and shoulders for an overall healthy girdle 

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Cupping Therapy

      There are several purported benefits of cupping that include : reduced pain, muscle tightness,  inflammation, improved blood flow (circulation) and increased range of motion.


   When people are suffering from physical pain, that means that inflammation has increased locally in that area.


  Cupping improves blood circulation in that area by attracting immune cells to that location, increasing the repair and recovery process. 

Voodoo Health Is for Everyone

All levels welcome for exercises. All body's can benefit from Health Voodoo

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